Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LiPMW: The Youth

I love the youth, believe me. I love the fact that everyday seems different. Yeah, eat sleep school (repeat) might be my daily pattern, but during my day, i love those little moments where you are giving your guy friend a hug and you're on cloud nine, or how you and your best friend can't stop laughing over probably the silliest thing that happened that day. In America, I'm not the only one who shares these thoughts, the majority of the youth in America thinks the same as me too! As a teenager, you developed needs, thoughts, and opinions. For example, teenagers think of boys/girls, music, movies, sex, love, fun... well there's more but, we consume our minds with OUR needs, OUR thoughts, and OUR opinions. And, while we do this, we tend to forget about what's going on in the news. No, not celebrity news, REAL news. News about tragic events day after day. Its right there in front of us, but we can't seem to see it in order to reach for it. We don't get the big picture. We don't get what's going on, or why something is meant to be because we don't let ourselves open up to it. I mean we are simply just busy. With our dumb problems. You know, boy drama or just school. Hey, at least we don't live in the Middle East for example, because none of us can't express our freedom. That is the best part of The Youth. The fact that we can express our freedom through what we say or how we dress. But, how can something so tiny, so simple like clothes and boys take us away from reality? Reality. It's funny because when you go to camp, they say when you go back home, you're going back to reality. This is reality. Typical reality. Typical reality for a teenager. What's reality for a teenager might not be what it seems for your teacher or your parents even. I don't think we are stupid, we honestly just don't know. At the same time it's sad because some just simply don't care or if they do know (which is rare) they don't seem to apply themselves.  The Youth is starting to change our world, it already has. The Youth is a growing culture, because they seem to break away from the rest of the population in America.

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