Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LiPMW: Trends of Literature

In today's world, literature is in fact far more different than it will ever be. Yes, people do read non-fiction books,  but more people read fiction books. So, what kind of fiction book do people read? Fiction is fiction, but there are types of fiction like,  historical fiction, and than there is fantasy-fiction. Because of the fantasy-fiction trend in books or novels these days, it has helped get more teenagers to read. But then some, just can't stand the idea of reading something you know its not true. For most people, they like reading fantasy because, it takes them away from their "boring, suck-ish, crappy, and dull life." It takes them into a world, that they can experience mentally, but not physically. When you think of fantasy-fiction novels, the two that easily come to mind our: Harry Potter, and Twilight. See when I always thought of fantasy reads, I think of princesses and happy endings, like Ella Enchanted. But who knew that fantasy could expand with different mediums such as vampires, and witchcraft. I just thought of those two examples as just plain "immortal." And, Harry Potter and Twilight, have caught everyones eyes lately because they are both so different. Those two individual books have forward-thinking and innovative ideas. But like every book, fiction or not fiction, ideas can be cliche sometimes. So, then when a book is simply unique, like Harry Potter or even Twilight, they receive so much media attention, to the point that it's nauseating. You have film makers, who want to make a movie about the boo, but to tweak it, and make it more "glossy" so they find attractive and young actors and actresses who look like the character in the book series; or you have people who accuse the author of stealing the idea "from a neighbor or room mate." Now, I understand why  people can't stand Twilight. Twilight is annoying, I'm sorry to offend anyone, especially you "Twi-Hards" but do I simply need to elaborate more? No. And I think the sad part about Twilight and Harry Potter actually, is, that you hear so much (media) hype about these two books or just hype about a particular trend. And whether it's a book, movie, or just maybe even following fashion trends, it's a translation for pressure and persuasion. Pressure, to the point where everyone is doing it (reading Twilight and Harry Potter) so you feel you have to too and persuasion because, you get sucked or absorbed into doing it. You're almost hypnotized in a way. All my friends have read the whole Twilight Saga.  And I actually know two guy friends of mine that have read the whole Twilight Saga. One of my guy friends read the series because of his english class and the other one was because he just simply wanted too. But I want to know this, if your a guy, is it gay to read Twilight? To be honest, no. No, it does not mean that a guy is gay. He is just experiencing the sensitive side of himself.  Harry Potter is a different story. Yeah, you do get pressured into reading it, and you do get persuaded into to reading it. And if your a guy, people do not assume that you are homosexual. The difference from Twilight is, you cannot hate Harry Potter. And it's not a bad thing at all. Harry Potter throws different "curve-balls" at their audience, so they don't view Harry Potter as a negative adjective.  One time when I was at lunch, I claimed that I hated Harry Potter. So, later that day I thought, why do I hate Harry Potter? And then I thought this: Harry Potter goes to a boarding school near London, rides brooms for fun, has a pet owl, is friends with a hobo (Hagrid) and a ginger (Ron Weasley), hooked up with an Asian chick, eats chocolate frogs, has awesome teachers that really don't suck, and has a freaking lighting bolt on his forehead!!! Has anybody told Harry Potter is a BAMF? Cause' he kinda is. Oh, and don't forget the fact that he can pull of a cape, with a lame uniform, and probable the nerdiest glasses ever! But, what's cool about the Harry Potter franchise is two things. One, they have an amusement park, so people can actual experience it. Number Two, they can make fun of themselves... with the people laughing with them, not at them. Unlike Twilight, no they do not have a theme park, but they do make fun of themselves, the only difference is... people are laughing at them.
Harry and the Potters.          


So before I end this lovely note, I would like to dedicate this page to Twi-Hards and Potter-Heads.

For the Potter-Heads:
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For the Twi-Hards-
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