Sunday, October 31, 2010

LiPMW: Since When Did 8th Graders Become So.... Uh Freaky?

No, no, no. This does not go out to all 8th graders, but seriously why are they freaky, and skanky, and act like their shit doesn't stink. They think they can get away with what ever they want. Alright, alright. Enough of my complaining, do you just want me to tell you my story? 

So, yesterday I went to my friends party to help out with the little kids, which were 8th graders by the way. It's funny, because when it comes to Halloween, and making my costume, I'm kinda a nerd. Yay. So, I dressed up as Hello Kitty, yes I donned the Crocs. Okay, I know, but Hello Kitty wore pink shoes, okay?! Anyways, sorry for getting off topic, but basically the kiddos were weird. I'll break it down. 

The girls were skanks. They were sweet, but the wore slutty costumes, some didn't... Thank God! But what makes me sad, is some of the girls were arrogant and the were being little bitches to us, the helpers (in 10th grade just to let you know) and it's just rude. And lastly, one of the chicks, said my guy friend was "hot." Uh.......okay.  Now the guys. Dear God, they were just hitting on the girls including some of my friends, but they were douchebags. Some were nice but they were mostly douchbags. Oh! Also, they were hooking up! Little 13 year olds? Come on now! I told my sister this, and she just said "Aww! Why did you guys try to stop them and let it be?" Okay I'm sorry, but their like 13. I'm sorry if your offended but to be honest, you don't do anything when your 13 or even 14 year olds. 

But who am I to judge? Maybe the young'ins in middle school have changed in today's society. I mean they get influenced easily by all the negatives in society. But they are not hypnotized, they just follow the trends in the modern world, but they seem to make it their own unique way, which makes them more attached to whatever it is they want to do. 

I didn't act like that in 8th grade. I went to a small Catholic private school. I was just my unique self, and people liked me. And I'm pretty sure I didn't know what the word "skanky" or "slutty meant either.  I just had such a sheltered mind, I didn't really know what was right from wrong, I didn't know anything about the real world. I was trapped in a bubble. 

But this blog entry isn't about just 8th graders. It's about how us teenage girls are becoming who we are and who we want to be. 
Why would I want to dress in a skanky costume on Halloween?
 Will a guy like me more if I show myself off in that shit? 
I actually have respect for myself. The kind of respect that says "Yeah I don't really want to get laid, cause' I ain't a skank..." Okay bad grammar, but that's what I preach. I don't have big boobs, or even a nice "donk", but will that make me a better individual if I portray those assets? Not really. 

Whatever happened to being called "beautiful","pretty", or even "gorgeous?" Now-a-days, you just here from guys "cute",  "hot" or even "sexy" and "fine" (forgot about that one).  You know, I wish we went back to a world where,  men had manners, and women showed class, but still had sex appeal. 

I think today, it can be hard to balance class AND have sex appeal at the same time. I mean some girls, and woman can balance that, but to be honest, that's just rare. You either chose one or the other, see my point? 

But, why can't we be both? 

So, yes I kind of jump around with ranting about this, then this and that.  <--- Was that a tongue twister? Haha. But I hope you enjoy! Comment! 
See you next time!

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