Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's So Great About Being 17?

Seventeen, is a magazine, a number, and also a age. Being seventeen is the age where your on the verge of being an adult, but at the same time you're still a misunderstood teenager. In the world of music, many artists, write and then eventually perform songs about what its like being seventeen. So, today we are going through a list of the best songs about being seventeen.

  "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"
- This song was composed in 1959, for the famous musical, The Sound of Music. The song focuses on how a young girl is entering womanhood, and going away from her teenager days.

Lyrics Excerpt- "You are 16 going on 17, baby its time to think. Better beware. Be canny and careful, baby you're on the brink." 

"At Seventeen"
-This song was written and performed by singer Janis Ian. This song deals with teen angst and what it feels like to be an outcast in high school.

Lyrics Excerpt- "I learned the truth at seventeen,that love was meant for beauty queens. And high school girls with clear skinned smiles,who married young and then retired. The valentines I never knew."

"Edge of Seventeen"
-This song was performed by Stevie Nicks, in 1982. The song deals with how the age of 17 effects you. When something tragic happened in your life, you don't have to be afraid to still have a little bit of teen angst in you. 

Lyrics Excerpt- "But the moment... that I first laid...eyes... on... him... all alone...on the edge of... seventeen.

-This song was written and performed by Kings of Leon. This song is about a girl who's caught up in her own little world. She doesn't know how to stop or slow down. 

Lyrics Excerpt- "Oh she's only seventeen. Whine whine whine, weep over everything, Bloody Mary breakfast busting up the street. Brothers fighting, when's the baby gonna sleep."

- This is a song written and performed by Sky Ferreria. This song is about a girl who is growing about to fast, and how seventeen year olds can forget about their youth when they are about to become an adult.

Lyrics Excerpt- "And they'll never know she's 17. Oh, and she's drinking with her friends, and they're all 21,  I wonder how much longer she can get away with —Her dirty little secret." 

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