Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because Boys Are Just Simply Boys

If your a boy, girls are hard to understand. It's okay, we have our faults of understanding you boys too. First off, just to let you know all boys are the same but all of them are different too. I used to go to a small (Catholic) private school. What's hard about small schools, is that you don't have a lot to chose from, such as "Oh who should I have a crush on because they are really cute and I want them to like me and they are really sweet and they walk with me to class and BLAH BLAH BLAH." Yes boys, this is known as a girl ranting thoughts in her mind, and honey this is so rare a small school. Last year in 9th grade consisting of 36 people, there are only two decent looking guys. And no offense to you die-hard Catholic school people, but the guys at Catholic schools are nerdy and wannabe bro that are not good looking. This year at my new school, 10th grade with 400 people, yeah there are a lot to choose from. And with going to a normal school, (yes no schools are normal, but this school is much more normal than Catholic school) I have picked up some "normal habits" from simply normal boys

1) How to spot a guy who's a total Douche- If a guy wears socks past his ankle with tennis shoes on, wears pastel button down shirt with colored shorts and his hair is perfect, swept to the side and perfect comb, and neater than a girls. Yes, he's a winner for being a Douche. But in their little world, they call it bro. The term where you are just so chill and you can do whatever the heck you want. 

2) How guys check you out- This usually happens if a girl is wearing skinny jeans. When you walk past him to give the teacher your homework.. whatever, here's how the infamous "I'm checking you out because you are mega hot" dealio. First he looks up at you, then he looks at your stomach/waist area, than downward toward your legs. Some guys don't do the full checkout, they just look at your legs and then look at you. 

3) Most guys aren't into the sluts, only the douchebags are- The guys I've hung with aren't into sluts. They just like you for you, and if you try to be something your not, you'll look like a total jackass and maybe the douchebags we'll turn heads, but do you really want to impress them? No! 

4) Don't be a stupid bitch- First off, don't pull off the "dumb blonde act". Guys don't like dumb girls, even the "ghetto" guys who appear in one.. or two of your classes. Also don't associate with the preppy douchebags or the ghetto douchebags. Do you want to be used? I don't think so missy!

5) The types of guys at your school

The preppy douchebag - This guy is a douche who thinks he's bro. He wears preppy clothes and looks like a fag. You can usually spot him having a social party with his "so-called popular group" and superficial friends. 

The "ghetto" douchebag- Yes, I know I'm racist but you have to admit that there are these people at your school. This guy is in a secluded group depending on his race. He wear either a white tee shirt with a gold necklace and black jeans and attempts to wear there pants below there waist. His hair is funky, so you never know what ever it could be. He always has his little "girl toy" around his arm and is a douchebag that will beat you up if you say or do anything thats offensive to him. 

The supernerd- This is rare, I'm not going to lie, but they are usually in the band or a club that people aren't really interested in. Yes, the supernerd likes stuff that other people aren't interested in. Change of note: If you try to be nice to them when no one else is, they will stalk you. so if this happens ignore them, block them on Facebook, and hope for the best that the will never ever ever stalk you "pretty face" again! 

The adorable dork who happens to be your best friend- This guy is adorable! Super super super suuuuper cute... but in a dorky way. He is the one that walks with you to class, the one who always says "Hi (insert name here)" whenever he sees you, gives the best hugs any girl could ask for, always cares about you, and is just a generally a overall happy guy, but not happy in a way that he could be rumored to be gay. Not gonna lie, but you will start to develop a tiny thing for him, because you makes you the happiest person ever. If you are friends with this guy, don't be a bitch because he is super super super super nice guy and if your mean to him, he and his friends will turn on you. And also, if your in a crappy I-had-a-long-day-I-just-want-to-go-to-my-locker-and-I-feel-tired-so-I'm-not-in-a-talking-sort-of-mood, suck it up, because if your in a crappy mood, he takes notice, and ask if your okay. So just be careful and be happy that you have a  guy friend like this one who really cares about you! And get a good night sleep so your not in a crappy mood the next day!

6)Don't be offended if a guy doesn't smile at you when you're walking in the halls- 3 possible reasons of why this particular hottie didn't smile at you-
1) He doesn't know who you are
2) He might be late for his class
3) He thinks your not hot (this only happens if this is a total douchebag. and you are totally hot, your on fire hot! but also, this doesn't happen as much as they first two reasons. Girls just always assume the obvious reason. And that's wrong.. so lets work on that, shall we?). 

7)Guys like it when girls do an after-school activity like drama, but they like you better when you play a sport- Guys like the fact that you do extracurricular activities after school because it's interesting and unique, which can make you stand out in a sense. When you tell your guy friend that you're doing drama they just are like oh...cool. Don't be offended, they can't relate to drama (or insert other example that guys shrug about) because they don't do drama... they're not into drama. But if you play a sport, it shows a guy that you like a challenge. Us girls aren't athletically built as guys, so it can be hard for us to play sports. When you join a sports team, guys notice because sports are something they like to do. And if you guys like to do sports.. you guys have something in common, so its easier to make conversation when you run out of stuff to talk about. And I'm sorry but a girl can't be bad at every single sport, that seriously cannot be possible, try something new and maybe you'll like sports after all. For the girls that don't like sports, come to his games and cheer him on, or be a manager for a sports team at your school.

8) The ideal girl guys He checks out during class, but known as the ugly hoe in our little black book- This girl wears tight clothing, skinny jeans and a tight shirt with a cute little sweater. She has long hair and her face is caked on with makeup. We are not jealous of this girl, we just think she's an ugly hoe. She might be a sweet person, but she's dumb. She doesn't know that she's being checked out before you tell hear and she can't seem to realize that she's an attention whore. 

We ended on a lovely note don't we? Well thanks for reading and see next time!
Cheers for boys, and comment!

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