Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because Boys Are Just Simply Boys

If your a boy, girls are hard to understand. It's okay, we have our faults of understanding you boys too. First off, just to let you know all boys are the same but all of them are different too. I used to go to a small (Catholic) private school. What's hard about small schools, is that you don't have a lot to chose from, such as "Oh who should I have a crush on because they are really cute and I want them to like me and they are really sweet and they walk with me to class and BLAH BLAH BLAH." Yes boys, this is known as a girl ranting thoughts in her mind, and honey this is so rare a small school. Last year in 9th grade consisting of 36 people, there are only two decent looking guys. And no offense to you die-hard Catholic school people, but the guys at Catholic schools are nerdy and wannabe bro that are not good looking. This year at my new school, 10th grade with 400 people, yeah there are a lot to choose from. And with going to a normal school, (yes no schools are normal, but this school is much more normal than Catholic school) I have picked up some "normal habits" from simply normal boys

1) How to spot a guy who's a total Douche- If a guy wears socks past his ankle with tennis shoes on, wears pastel button down shirt with colored shorts and his hair is perfect, swept to the side and perfect comb, and neater than a girls. Yes, he's a winner for being a Douche. But in their little world, they call it bro. The term where you are just so chill and you can do whatever the heck you want. 

2) How guys check you out- This usually happens if a girl is wearing skinny jeans. When you walk past him to give the teacher your homework.. whatever, here's how the infamous "I'm checking you out because you are mega hot" dealio. First he looks up at you, then he looks at your stomach/waist area, than downward toward your legs. Some guys don't do the full checkout, they just look at your legs and then look at you. 

3) Most guys aren't into the sluts, only the douchebags are- The guys I've hung with aren't into sluts. They just like you for you, and if you try to be something your not, you'll look like a total jackass and maybe the douchebags we'll turn heads, but do you really want to impress them? No! 

4) Don't be a stupid bitch- First off, don't pull off the "dumb blonde act". Guys don't like dumb girls, even the "ghetto" guys who appear in one.. or two of your classes. Also don't associate with the preppy douchebags or the ghetto douchebags. Do you want to be used? I don't think so missy!

5) The types of guys at your school

The preppy douchebag - This guy is a douche who thinks he's bro. He wears preppy clothes and looks like a fag. You can usually spot him having a social party with his "so-called popular group" and superficial friends. 

The "ghetto" douchebag- Yes, I know I'm racist but you have to admit that there are these people at your school. This guy is in a secluded group depending on his race. He wear either a white tee shirt with a gold necklace and black jeans and attempts to wear there pants below there waist. His hair is funky, so you never know what ever it could be. He always has his little "girl toy" around his arm and is a douchebag that will beat you up if you say or do anything thats offensive to him. 

The supernerd- This is rare, I'm not going to lie, but they are usually in the band or a club that people aren't really interested in. Yes, the supernerd likes stuff that other people aren't interested in. Change of note: If you try to be nice to them when no one else is, they will stalk you. so if this happens ignore them, block them on Facebook, and hope for the best that the will never ever ever stalk you "pretty face" again! 

The adorable dork who happens to be your best friend- This guy is adorable! Super super super suuuuper cute... but in a dorky way. He is the one that walks with you to class, the one who always says "Hi (insert name here)" whenever he sees you, gives the best hugs any girl could ask for, always cares about you, and is just a generally a overall happy guy, but not happy in a way that he could be rumored to be gay. Not gonna lie, but you will start to develop a tiny thing for him, because you makes you the happiest person ever. If you are friends with this guy, don't be a bitch because he is super super super super nice guy and if your mean to him, he and his friends will turn on you. And also, if your in a crappy I-had-a-long-day-I-just-want-to-go-to-my-locker-and-I-feel-tired-so-I'm-not-in-a-talking-sort-of-mood, suck it up, because if your in a crappy mood, he takes notice, and ask if your okay. So just be careful and be happy that you have a  guy friend like this one who really cares about you! And get a good night sleep so your not in a crappy mood the next day!

6)Don't be offended if a guy doesn't smile at you when you're walking in the halls- 3 possible reasons of why this particular hottie didn't smile at you-
1) He doesn't know who you are
2) He might be late for his class
3) He thinks your not hot (this only happens if this is a total douchebag. and you are totally hot, your on fire hot! but also, this doesn't happen as much as they first two reasons. Girls just always assume the obvious reason. And that's wrong.. so lets work on that, shall we?). 

7)Guys like it when girls do an after-school activity like drama, but they like you better when you play a sport- Guys like the fact that you do extracurricular activities after school because it's interesting and unique, which can make you stand out in a sense. When you tell your guy friend that you're doing drama they just are like oh...cool. Don't be offended, they can't relate to drama (or insert other example that guys shrug about) because they don't do drama... they're not into drama. But if you play a sport, it shows a guy that you like a challenge. Us girls aren't athletically built as guys, so it can be hard for us to play sports. When you join a sports team, guys notice because sports are something they like to do. And if you guys like to do sports.. you guys have something in common, so its easier to make conversation when you run out of stuff to talk about. And I'm sorry but a girl can't be bad at every single sport, that seriously cannot be possible, try something new and maybe you'll like sports after all. For the girls that don't like sports, come to his games and cheer him on, or be a manager for a sports team at your school.

8) The ideal girl guys He checks out during class, but known as the ugly hoe in our little black book- This girl wears tight clothing, skinny jeans and a tight shirt with a cute little sweater. She has long hair and her face is caked on with makeup. We are not jealous of this girl, we just think she's an ugly hoe. She might be a sweet person, but she's dumb. She doesn't know that she's being checked out before you tell hear and she can't seem to realize that she's an attention whore. 

We ended on a lovely note don't we? Well thanks for reading and see next time!
Cheers for boys, and comment!

Monday, August 30, 2010

On my I-pod: M83

M83 is a dream-pop band that is based in France. The band members consists of Anthony Gonzales, with occasional guest members such as Morgan Kibby, who provides vocals. Whenever I blast one of their songs, I always feel like I'm in a dream. M83's songs have gorgeous lyrics and beats or melodies that are out of this world. So instead of me just ranting about how much I love M83, so lets just break down... a countdown on celebrating the best of M83 from each of their albums.

1) Best Vocals- "Skin of The Night", Saturdays=Youth.
"Skin of The Night", sung by Morgan Kibby haunts you with her whispering vocals and later scares you with hitting the lovely high notes. The celestial voice takes you away into this unknown world, and you feel that you are dreaming. With chilling lyrics, this song has to be sung well, and Morgan Kibby nailed this number.

2) Best Lyrics- "Moonchild", Before The Dawn Heals Us
"Moonchild", lyrics written by Anthony and Yann Gonzales opens up a person's eye and tells and lovely story. One of the shortest lyrics for this song, but it captures a heartfelt story. Also when it says "....Raise your arms the highest you can, and the whole universe will glow." This is inspiring to me, I just find it sweet in a way, its hard to describe.

3) Best Unique Song- "Car Chase Terror", Before The Dawn Heals Us.
"Car Chase Terror", probably one of the most chilling, creepy, and unusual songs that I have heard in a while. First of it's doesn't sound like a normal song, it just sounds like an audio taping with a catchy synths. "Car Chase Terror" tells a story about how a daughter and her mom are in a car chase (hence the song name) with this horrific man out to get them. The best part about this song, is in the ending where the daughter says "Mommy, it was only, mommy . . .He was there, he was just there . . .Mommy!?". So no one knows what really happened at the end. You never really listen to songs that have cliffhangers, like books and movies, but M83 tested the waters and this song turned out to be quite a masterpiece.

4) Best Use of Piano- "You Appearing", Saturdays=Youth
The piano, is such a lovely instrument, you can have the ability to change the mood of how you play the piano. "You appearing" composed by Anthony and Yann Gonzales, is probably the best song with amazing piano background. Yet the piano music gets distracted by the dream pop synths beat, but the piano seems to managed. Talking about the beginning of the song, I've never heard a piano sound so "deep" in a sense that I feel moved, I feel touched by this song. And I feel sad. What's great about this song is when the piano plays you develop deep thoughts. I think they're are two types of songs: fun songs and serious songs. "You Appearing" is a serious song.

Check out the lyrics of.... "We Own The Sky", Saturdays=Youth
Each shade of blue
Is kept in our eyes
Keep blowing and lightning
Because we own the sky

Secrets from the winds
Burnt stars crying

Soft soft or cruel
Can't we change our minds?
We kill what we build
Because we own the sky

Secrets from the winds
Burnt stars crying
So many moons here 
Lost wings floating

It's coming, it's coming on!
It's coming, it's coming on!
What's coming? 
What's coming now?
What's coming? 
What's coming now?

It's coming from the sky
It's coming from the wind 

What I love about M83's lyrics, is that there songs don't sound like normal songs, they sound like, the vocalist is reading a dreamy poem, which I think artist should write more similar to M83. Thanks so much and I will see you next time

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Little Dresses on Modcloth.

I adore Modcloth. So what exactly is Modcloth? Modcloth is a fashion website that sells retro and vintage clothing.  This is similar to Urban Outfitters, but a little more girly (not in a tacky way). So I'm looking on Modcloth and I'm thinking, what are the top 5 dresses? So in my opinion, I'm narrowing down the top 5 dresses on Modcloth. Enjoy and comment!
1) Best party dress. This dress is called "Summer Spritzer Dress" This dress is perfect to wear at a party because its a dress that stands out, but yet its really simple. Also, the straps are removable, so you can enjoy wearing it strapless too!
2) Best Dress for a concert. This dress is called "Sunny Side of the Street".  This dress is perfect for concerts because its breezy and comfortable to move around in. Also, yellow with a lovely Victorian pattern that's black and white pattern goes so well together. 

3) Best Date Dress. This dress is called the "In your free time dress" This dress is perfect for a first date because, its so flirty! First on the top there are lovely floral that will for sure catch his eye, and second the bottom is a full skirt which draws a little eye to your legs, wink wink.

4) Best Dress for Homecoming. Homecoming, pretty big deal right? Trying to look for that perfect dress? Well, look no further, this dress is called "Silver Screen Goddess" dress. A perfect color to stand out, and universally the color goes well on all skin tones. This dress is sheer at the color she it shows a little skin, and with the cool one shoulder part, you'll have fun in this little number all night long.

5) Best Dress for School. This dress is called "Feeling Feminine Dress".  This dress is perfect for school because it's so comfortable to wear. With the short sleeves and the full a line skirt, there's no fussing around with this number. Also, the bottom is a very pretty floral, everybody will be staring at you when you're walking down the halls!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pop The Glock

Uffie, born as Anna-Catherine Hartley, was born in Miami, raised and Hong Kong, and now lives in Paris. Uffie obviously has been prone to unique style. Uffie is a electro-pop  singer who has raised the bar with bad-ass taste in what she wears.

Studs and Leather, oh so intimidating, but with purple tights, makes the outfit more relaxed.

A sparkly dress with tennis shoes make this outfit unexpected.

Pictured with brown hair, Uffie takes on the hip hop vibe in her outfit.

Black and bright patterns, topped of with cascading waves are a eclectic pair. 

A Timeline of Beauty: Red Lipstick

The Sexy Pout?
The Innocent Woman just hiding to be wild?

Red Lipstick has shaped many lives of woman. The red lip was become so iconic that we come to celebrate a time line of red lovely lips and how it developed till now.

 In Ancient Egypt long ago, Cleopatra was the woman of her time. How did she develop the iconic red lip? Ms. Cleo crushed red carmine beetles to make a nice red pigment for her lips. 

In 16th Century England Queen Elizabeth of England made her lips piercing red with her ice like skin.

The red lips came back in the 1920s. This was an odd trend before the 1920s but this iconic trend came back for a revival! Now lets start with Louise Brooks (in the picture above). A lovely faced woman who was loved and adorned by many fans in the Silent Film era. Today this name is still heard. She wears her red lips bold and dramatic while keeping her eyes simple yet still domineering.  

Also In the 1920s, Clara Bow, Another iconic silent film star followed this trend as well. But unlike Louise Brooks, Clara Bow wore her eyes dark instead of soft and because of this look she developed and created the "It Girl" persona.

In the 1930s Marlene Dietrich, was a beautifully striking actress in her day. The 1930s continued the lipstick trend. Ms. Dietrich worked the dark red lips with elegant thin eyebrows.

Veronica Lake. The sultry actress in the 1940s took on one of the most iconic looks of our time. The long lush waves with the deep side part and topped of with red lips to die for.

Marilyn Monroe was known as the pinup starlet during the 1950s.  She donned the red lipstick with her famous smile.

Passing the 1960s and 1970s, the red lip wasn't involved in their makeup trends.  During the 1980s, makeup was loud and wild, so you could imagine how the red lip could be perfect in the 80s. Madonna, the ultimate "Material Girl" in the 80s wore big hair, fierce looking eyes, and lips that spoke rebel.

In the 1990s, the makeup trend was "The Grunge Look".  90s icon Courtney Love helped shaped this trend. The lead singer of Hole, wore bright lips, because it was all about making a statement in the 90s.

Today, as known as the 2000s, we don't really have a trend. So, the many starlets of today, such as Sienna Miller in the picture help shape the look of red lips. Some stars do the modern Veronica Lake look or the edgy/grunge red lip such as Taylor Momsen.

So,  its important to look back to the real icons who shaped the iconic trend of red lips. Thanks so much and see you next time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet as a Peach.

Peaches Geldof, heiress, model, and a writer for the magazine NYLON. She has smarts when writing, but a lot of people don't see that because her life is centered mostly in the British Tabloids. But what isn't a crime is her style. Ms. Geldof's style is eclectic, choosing to wear whimsical patterns and dark sophisticated colors such as black and navy. She isn't your typical heiress. Never have I seen one who has such edge. Looking like the love child of Mick Jagger and Courtney Love, she surely looks like a girl from the 1960s with a mix of the 1990s.  Good Job Ms. Geldof I applaud you for your sense of style.  
Lovely patterns complete with black tights
Plaid and leather never looked so good.

breezy dress with a comfy scarf
gold and black topped with a edgy blazer 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Introduction to Life with the help of Edward Cullen

My name is Katie and I'm blogging.
I like dinosaurs and life.  Basically what's on this blog for today is an introduction of what I'm going to do forever AHHHHHHHHHH! I'M A VAMPIRE!!!!! WHAT? Oh I'm not crazy I swear I just ummm *awkwardly walks away in silence. Speaking of vampires, I want to see Vampires Suck. Ya'll heard of that one? The parody of The Twilight Saga yeah? But if I had to chose. Team Edward hands down. No! TEAM VOULTURI! HANDS DOWN no they're all faggots.  See you next time!