Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Change Your Mind, Like A Girl Changes Clothes.

Guess the lyric... yeah, it's Katy Perry! So why would I put this as my title? Well first off, I'm sorry that I forgot to post yesterday, oops. But anyways, in today's blog entry, I'm combing the style icon of the week with top 10! How awesome is that? Yes, I assuming you know the style icon of the week. It is in fact Katy Perry.

Katy Perry has an iconic, and quirky style that people remember. She knows what flatters her body and what does not. Katy Perry has a great attitude when it comes to fashion. She doesn't care what other people think of her, when she spices up the red carpet in one of her outfits. So, this segment is different. Since Halloween was just a few days ago, I'd thought of doing "Top Ten Outfits for Halloween, with Katy Perry." So lets take a look at the Top 10 Outfits, Shall we?
*Note, these outfits are in no particular order, what-so-ever.

1) A Drag Queen.

2) A Lollipop Girl.

3) A Strawberry.

4) Freddie Mercury (From Queen).

4) A Cross-Dresser

5) An Egg-White.

7) A Banana.

8) Santa Claus

9) A Flapper Girl.

10) A Geisha.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this! I seriously cannot wait for next years Halloween!
Hahaha! Comment, Enjoy and See You Next Time!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

LiPMW: Since When Did 8th Graders Become So.... Uh Freaky?

No, no, no. This does not go out to all 8th graders, but seriously why are they freaky, and skanky, and act like their shit doesn't stink. They think they can get away with what ever they want. Alright, alright. Enough of my complaining, do you just want me to tell you my story? 

So, yesterday I went to my friends party to help out with the little kids, which were 8th graders by the way. It's funny, because when it comes to Halloween, and making my costume, I'm kinda a nerd. Yay. So, I dressed up as Hello Kitty, yes I donned the Crocs. Okay, I know, but Hello Kitty wore pink shoes, okay?! Anyways, sorry for getting off topic, but basically the kiddos were weird. I'll break it down. 

The girls were skanks. They were sweet, but the wore slutty costumes, some didn't... Thank God! But what makes me sad, is some of the girls were arrogant and the were being little bitches to us, the helpers (in 10th grade just to let you know) and it's just rude. And lastly, one of the chicks, said my guy friend was "hot." Uh.......okay.  Now the guys. Dear God, they were just hitting on the girls including some of my friends, but they were douchebags. Some were nice but they were mostly douchbags. Oh! Also, they were hooking up! Little 13 year olds? Come on now! I told my sister this, and she just said "Aww! Why did you guys try to stop them and let it be?" Okay I'm sorry, but their like 13. I'm sorry if your offended but to be honest, you don't do anything when your 13 or even 14 year olds. 

But who am I to judge? Maybe the young'ins in middle school have changed in today's society. I mean they get influenced easily by all the negatives in society. But they are not hypnotized, they just follow the trends in the modern world, but they seem to make it their own unique way, which makes them more attached to whatever it is they want to do. 

I didn't act like that in 8th grade. I went to a small Catholic private school. I was just my unique self, and people liked me. And I'm pretty sure I didn't know what the word "skanky" or "slutty meant either.  I just had such a sheltered mind, I didn't really know what was right from wrong, I didn't know anything about the real world. I was trapped in a bubble. 

But this blog entry isn't about just 8th graders. It's about how us teenage girls are becoming who we are and who we want to be. 
Why would I want to dress in a skanky costume on Halloween?
 Will a guy like me more if I show myself off in that shit? 
I actually have respect for myself. The kind of respect that says "Yeah I don't really want to get laid, cause' I ain't a skank..." Okay bad grammar, but that's what I preach. I don't have big boobs, or even a nice "donk", but will that make me a better individual if I portray those assets? Not really. 

Whatever happened to being called "beautiful","pretty", or even "gorgeous?" Now-a-days, you just here from guys "cute",  "hot" or even "sexy" and "fine" (forgot about that one).  You know, I wish we went back to a world where,  men had manners, and women showed class, but still had sex appeal. 

I think today, it can be hard to balance class AND have sex appeal at the same time. I mean some girls, and woman can balance that, but to be honest, that's just rare. You either chose one or the other, see my point? 

But, why can't we be both? 

So, yes I kind of jump around with ranting about this, then this and that.  <--- Was that a tongue twister? Haha. But I hope you enjoy! Comment! 
See you next time!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Past is the Past

You would think that I would blog about Halloween, because it's the day before... right? No, no. I got something else on my mind: the past. When you think about YOUR past, what comes to mind? Happiness?
I think the past, for me, always comes and haunts me. I think of it as a nightmare, but it's weird, because in reality, it's not a dream. Its real. And you think of past, you assume you are pathetic, or weak because you simply can't move on from that. You just can't stop thinking about whatever it is that is holding you back. So you think to yourself: "When will I ever let go? When will I stop holding on to what I desire most?" Sometimes what you desire was in the past. And your desire is gone. So you pretend that its still happening, in your mind. You play these thoughts like a video, you rewind to start over, you pause to think about all the good stuff you wanted back then, but then, you don't know how to fast-forward, because you still want to be stuck on that one scene. Or also, when people think of the past, they just think: "Shit happens." And, I know that's good to think that, but at the same time, not all of those tiny little moments were shit. I'm not a fly on the wall, but if anyone thinks that, they should think (not dwell) on those moments, and some might make them smile. But then now, the smiles are gone with that particular situation.

The particular situation in the past that I personally think everyone holds on to, is love. Whether it was a relationship, a marriage, a hookup, or even a fling, they turn into, breakups, divorces, and awkwardness. Nothing feels the same. Nothing will ever feel the same. You think that you can be a peacemaker and just turn everything the way everything was back then, because it just made you very, very, happy. But in reality you can't. You just can't. It's just life. It's just normality. You don't want to give up your relationship, the one who you desire. But when you two see each other, you both can't even give each other a simple "Hello (insert name here)." And it's really sad. You think that you are pathetic because, you can't stop thinking about this person (boy or girl). But you are not. It actually makes you be a stronger person. And who knows? Maybe you will get someone better. Don't worry.

The past is the past, we all know that.  The thing that is pulling me back is love. I do not know what's pulling you back; whether it is loss or regret. But I do know one thing: I know that everything is gonna be okay. You will be fine darling! Smile and just appreciate that you have made it, and you are a beautiful and strong person.

Lately, I have just done my blogs about my thoughts in society. Since I'm doing this about the past, the music industry, artist write and eventually sing songs about their past, and how THEY feel, when they were in that situation. So yes, I am doing a lovely countdown of the 10 best past songs! I will do my research! Enjoy! (P.S If you are in dealing with the past currently, some of these songs will make you sad, depending on the situation, otherwise if not, again.. please enjoy!)

1) "Welcome To Heartbreak" by Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi
Alright, so Kanye West might be a arrogant toolbox, but personally, he writes/sings some really good songs. This particular song is about how he chose wrong from right, and now it's so hard for him to get his life back on track because he messed up so much in the past.

Lyrics Excerpt: "Chased the good life my whole life long
Look back on my life and my life gone
Where did I go wrong?"

2) "Youth of The Nation" by P.O.D
This song is a realist song because, the different situations in the song, are real. It deals with the youth, and what they go through what they go through. But it is also about the past. How you can regret not doing  what you wanted to do, and how you rebelled, which you thought it was right at the time. But it was wrong, and now, you are just realizing, and you are also regretting what you did wrong.

Lyrics Excerpt: "Last day of the rest of my life I wish I would have known cause I'd have kissed my momma goobye. I didn't tell her that I loved her or how much cared or thank my pops for all the talks and all the wisdom he shared."

3) "The Permanent Rain" by The Dangerous Summer
This song is about how someone deals with death and how they are saying, I know this is sad, but I know I'm going to see you someday. But at the same time this person is angry, because they don't know what's going on, and the fact the person has lost someone they love. 

Lyrics Excerpt: "I know it’s not helping to hear me say,
“I wish it was me in the car that day.” Though something made me stop and think of what you said. You know it meant a lot, but I was just a kid, one with all these dreams of growing up and playing music on the road I’ve been screaming all these years and thinking of your bones."

4) "Erase Me" by Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West
This song is about the aftermath of a relationship. You know, the breakup. Basically, when there is a breakup, it is awkward and hateful, right? The person in the song talks about a girl who is trying to get over him, but she can't get away from him, because she cannot stop thinking about him. And, they both wish they could be normal.

Lyrics: "It's like I'm her new nightmare, she ain't escaping it makes me feel a bit complete, yeah knowing someone you love don't feel the same way about ya Memories they soon delete, hmmm."

5) "I Miss You" by Blink-182
Yes, another love song. But, this song is about this person misses their love one.. a lot. And how it's useless for them to get back together because he thinks about her everyday, and he hears her. He wishes that things were happy between them. But it's not real, it will never be the same.
Lyrics Excerpt: "Where are you and I'm so sorry I cannot sleep cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always....Will you come home and stop this pain tonight Stop this pain tonight."

6) "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" by Ke$ha
It's Kesha (or Ke$ha), I know. But to be honest, this is one of her better songs. This song is about the girl's side of the story. How she messed up in the relationship, and how she's turned into someone she is not. And she feels so "dead" without her lover. 

Lyrics Excerpt: "I have destroyed our life, it's gone  payback is sick  
it's all my fault  I'm Dancing With Tears In My Eyes  just fighting to get through the night I'm losing it...
  7) "Shadow of The Day" by Linkin Park This song can have many meanings. It can be about love, loss, rejection, or regret. It's kind of however you see it. But even though all those things are devastating, or even heartbreaking, sometimes you just have to move on. Lyrics Excerpt: Sometimes solutions aren't so simple, sometimes goodbye's the only way."
8) "Memories" by David Guetta ft. Kid CudiThis song is more upbeat. It's about how you do stupid shit in the past or even now, and you should not regret it, because you had fun, so why dwell over the memories that made you laugh, and smile? Then after, you let the memories go. 

Lyrics Excerpt: "All the crazy shit I did tonight, those will be the best memories.I just wanna let it go for the night That would be the best therapy for me."

9) "Epilogue" by The Shape Of The EarthThis song is about a person who is trying to mend a problem, I'm predicting a relationship. But it's so hard for this person to find a solution, or to make things work because, nothing is the same. 
Lyrics Excerpt: "Thinking that everything will work out, well it finally all worked out. But it's still not the same, everything has changed, though it won't appear that way. And the future can't be worked out. No it never has been worked out I'm sorry that I don't have a way to make it easier each day."

10) "Bookends" by Simon & GarfunkelThis song is very short and sweet. I like that you know what this song means, and it's simple, it's short, it's gets to the point.  This song is about a person who is talking about how he still remembers his/her lover.
Lyrics Excerpt: "Time it was, and what a time it was, it was  A time of innocence, a time of confidences. Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph. Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you."

I hope you enjoyed this blog article! Comment and Enjoy! (once again)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LiPMW: Trends of Literature

In today's world, literature is in fact far more different than it will ever be. Yes, people do read non-fiction books,  but more people read fiction books. So, what kind of fiction book do people read? Fiction is fiction, but there are types of fiction like,  historical fiction, and than there is fantasy-fiction. Because of the fantasy-fiction trend in books or novels these days, it has helped get more teenagers to read. But then some, just can't stand the idea of reading something you know its not true. For most people, they like reading fantasy because, it takes them away from their "boring, suck-ish, crappy, and dull life." It takes them into a world, that they can experience mentally, but not physically. When you think of fantasy-fiction novels, the two that easily come to mind our: Harry Potter, and Twilight. See when I always thought of fantasy reads, I think of princesses and happy endings, like Ella Enchanted. But who knew that fantasy could expand with different mediums such as vampires, and witchcraft. I just thought of those two examples as just plain "immortal." And, Harry Potter and Twilight, have caught everyones eyes lately because they are both so different. Those two individual books have forward-thinking and innovative ideas. But like every book, fiction or not fiction, ideas can be cliche sometimes. So, then when a book is simply unique, like Harry Potter or even Twilight, they receive so much media attention, to the point that it's nauseating. You have film makers, who want to make a movie about the boo, but to tweak it, and make it more "glossy" so they find attractive and young actors and actresses who look like the character in the book series; or you have people who accuse the author of stealing the idea "from a neighbor or room mate." Now, I understand why  people can't stand Twilight. Twilight is annoying, I'm sorry to offend anyone, especially you "Twi-Hards" but do I simply need to elaborate more? No. And I think the sad part about Twilight and Harry Potter actually, is, that you hear so much (media) hype about these two books or just hype about a particular trend. And whether it's a book, movie, or just maybe even following fashion trends, it's a translation for pressure and persuasion. Pressure, to the point where everyone is doing it (reading Twilight and Harry Potter) so you feel you have to too and persuasion because, you get sucked or absorbed into doing it. You're almost hypnotized in a way. All my friends have read the whole Twilight Saga.  And I actually know two guy friends of mine that have read the whole Twilight Saga. One of my guy friends read the series because of his english class and the other one was because he just simply wanted too. But I want to know this, if your a guy, is it gay to read Twilight? To be honest, no. No, it does not mean that a guy is gay. He is just experiencing the sensitive side of himself.  Harry Potter is a different story. Yeah, you do get pressured into reading it, and you do get persuaded into to reading it. And if your a guy, people do not assume that you are homosexual. The difference from Twilight is, you cannot hate Harry Potter. And it's not a bad thing at all. Harry Potter throws different "curve-balls" at their audience, so they don't view Harry Potter as a negative adjective.  One time when I was at lunch, I claimed that I hated Harry Potter. So, later that day I thought, why do I hate Harry Potter? And then I thought this: Harry Potter goes to a boarding school near London, rides brooms for fun, has a pet owl, is friends with a hobo (Hagrid) and a ginger (Ron Weasley), hooked up with an Asian chick, eats chocolate frogs, has awesome teachers that really don't suck, and has a freaking lighting bolt on his forehead!!! Has anybody told Harry Potter is a BAMF? Cause' he kinda is. Oh, and don't forget the fact that he can pull of a cape, with a lame uniform, and probable the nerdiest glasses ever! But, what's cool about the Harry Potter franchise is two things. One, they have an amusement park, so people can actual experience it. Number Two, they can make fun of themselves... with the people laughing with them, not at them. Unlike Twilight, no they do not have a theme park, but they do make fun of themselves, the only difference is... people are laughing at them.
Harry and the Potters.          


So before I end this lovely note, I would like to dedicate this page to Twi-Hards and Potter-Heads.

For the Potter-Heads:
Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise
Draco and the Malfoys
Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears
A Very Harry Potter Musical: Part One
A Very Harry Potter Sequel: Act One, Part One

The Wiz Kids

For the Twi-Hards-
Twilight Parody: By the Hillywood Show
Twilight Trailer Spoof: By EvilIguanaProduction
The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin' Twilight

All of the cast from/in Twilight

Well, that's all for now, thank you!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LiPMW: The Youth

I love the youth, believe me. I love the fact that everyday seems different. Yeah, eat sleep school (repeat) might be my daily pattern, but during my day, i love those little moments where you are giving your guy friend a hug and you're on cloud nine, or how you and your best friend can't stop laughing over probably the silliest thing that happened that day. In America, I'm not the only one who shares these thoughts, the majority of the youth in America thinks the same as me too! As a teenager, you developed needs, thoughts, and opinions. For example, teenagers think of boys/girls, music, movies, sex, love, fun... well there's more but, we consume our minds with OUR needs, OUR thoughts, and OUR opinions. And, while we do this, we tend to forget about what's going on in the news. No, not celebrity news, REAL news. News about tragic events day after day. Its right there in front of us, but we can't seem to see it in order to reach for it. We don't get the big picture. We don't get what's going on, or why something is meant to be because we don't let ourselves open up to it. I mean we are simply just busy. With our dumb problems. You know, boy drama or just school. Hey, at least we don't live in the Middle East for example, because none of us can't express our freedom. That is the best part of The Youth. The fact that we can express our freedom through what we say or how we dress. But, how can something so tiny, so simple like clothes and boys take us away from reality? Reality. It's funny because when you go to camp, they say when you go back home, you're going back to reality. This is reality. Typical reality. Typical reality for a teenager. What's reality for a teenager might not be what it seems for your teacher or your parents even. I don't think we are stupid, we honestly just don't know. At the same time it's sad because some just simply don't care or if they do know (which is rare) they don't seem to apply themselves.  The Youth is starting to change our world, it already has. The Youth is a growing culture, because they seem to break away from the rest of the population in America.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

LiPMW: Style of Women

So, this is my first part of "Life is Pretty Much Warped." I'm making it into parts because to be frank, it's to long to combine into one entire article.  So today this segment is about how society became what it is today with idealistic woman.

The first image of an idealistic woman came out between the 19th and 20th century. She was called "The Gibson Girl". Since there was no sources of photography and internet yet, she was drawn in ink pen by artist Charles Dana Gibson, hence the last name.

In the 1920s, this was the time of silent film. So many talented actresses shined through this period, but only one actress had sex appeal when she acted, or should we say she had "IT?" Clara Bow was a phenomenon during her time, creating sultry looks onscreen. Did you know, that Clara Bow helped incorporate sex scenes in films?

During the 1930s dealt with the The Great Depression. But sex appeal still cam out on top. The term "Burlesque" was an early development in this era. The most famous Burlesque dancer, was Gypsy Rose Lee. She was known for performing stripteases. Eventually, her influential life was made into a stage musical and a film as well.

In the 1940s, the second World War was happening. Since men were overseas in Europe, American stars, sent racy pictures of themselves. This is called "pin-up"  Stars such as Donna Reed, were pin-ups during WW2. But probably the most well known pin-up girl of the 1940s was Betty Grable.  Her iconic photograph of her wearing a one piece bathing suit, Grable holds the title of the number one pin-up girl during WW2.

After the tragic events during WW2 came to a close, people were happier in the 1950s. In 1953, Playboy, the first men's magazine, was launched by Hugh Hefner.  Marilyn Monroe, a well-known actress as well as an iconic pin-up was the first women to grace the cover of Playboy.

The 1960s was a time of innovation. Television was booming, even fashion spiced up this era.  Woman created their own style. Twiggy rocked the pixie with mod eye makeup. Tina Louise was the foxy red haired, "Ginger Grant" on Gilligan's Island.  But the woman who had so much impact and controversy during this time, was French import Brigitte Bardot.  She was known for having sex-kitten roles in various films. Bardot sported the smokey eyes,  cascading blonde waves and a subtle gap toothed smile.

The 1970s involved big hair and great music. Don't forget about the trends of woman now!  Woman developed the tomboy look, wearing jeans and just looking comfy. Charlie's Angels was a television show that was about three beautiful woman, trying to stop crime. The three woman on the show: Jaqueline Bisset, Farrah Fawcett,  and Cheryl Ladd were all influential when it came to looks and fashion.

During the 1980s, it was all about being wild and being you. Woman developed their own style and became their own person. Woman of the 80s dressed loud and wild. You had woman who had sex appeal like Tawny Kittaen or  even Kelly LeBrock. But most women were influenced by Madonna, who was known for having a unique sense of style.

When the 1990s is talked about today, many people don't know what went on because their was so many things involved in the 1990s. You may think woman were into the grudge style, but that was very rare, or even the hip-hop style for American woman was also rare as well. 90210, the zip code in Beverly Hills and known as one of the most watched shows in the 90s. 902l0 was named the most stylish on T.V. during the 90s and some say even today as well.

The 2000s developed no fashion whatsoever, it just brought back old fashion trends. The terms "trashy" and "skanky" came into to play when celebrities tried to hard and left to much to imagine.  Stars like, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey were known for dressing a tad bit trashy while on the red carpet. Probably the most watched, followed, and influenced star in the 2000s was Britney Spears. She had the good girl image, but she would always up her game and her style too, which many woman followed.

Now. Our society has two different styles:
Modest. and Super Skank.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion Flaws

Forever 21 is a affordable clothing store for teenagers and young adults. They have fashion forward pieces that look like it was designed by Marc Jacobs or even Prada. But like every store or fashion brand, they have its flaws. Forever 21 is also known for having, tacky and trashy clothing thats revealing a tad bit too much imagination shall we say? So, we go through the highs and lows of Forever 21.

1) Shirts- From left to right:
Left- Worst
Right- Best

2) Sweaters- From left to right:
Left- Worst
Right- Best

3) Shoes- From left to right:
Right- Worst

4) Jewelry- From left to right-
Left- Best
Right-  Worst

5) Purses- From left to right- 
Left- Worst
Right- Best

6) Skirts-  From left to right-
Left- Worst
Right- Best

7) Pants- From left to right-
Left- Worst
Right- Best

8) Dresses- From left to right
Left- Worst
Right- Best

So, please don't get mad at me if you hate the best dressed items or if you love the worst dressed items, darling opinions are opinions.

Thanks so much! Enjoy and Comment!